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PT FKA Global

Kindo Square Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No. 101 Blok B2
Jakarta Selatan
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PT FKA GLOBAL is a leading technology services provider in Indonesia, offering complete information
technology solutions for customers in infrastructure world, engineering, operations and all businesses with
complex data storage and networking requirements.

In today market, the time to market is very critical; companies are always facing with deadline to deliver.
Given that no single company can provide a total life cycle solution, PT. FKA GLOBAL has forged strategic
alliances that combine application software know-how from the years of experience, complementary
software from other industry vendors, and expertise from clients to deliver a truly effective integrated
solution. As the Bentley Systems strategic partner in the Indonesia territory, PT. FKA GLOBAL force
Bentley solutions as the main frame with technical knowledge task force, complimented and supplemented
with some others software vendors as necessary to outcome the total solutions.

Our company is structured to address industries needs through our primary solutions:

1. Solutions
  Bentley Systems

2. Professional Services
  Assets Management
  As Built Drawing
  Laser scan surveying
  LiDAR Services
  Drone Mapping and Inspection

3. IT and IOT Consultant for Oil & Gas, Infrastructure Worlds, and EPC Company

We are a management-owned enterprise comprising a unique network of companies providing a
complete coverage of Indonesia. PT. FKA Global empowers governments, infrastructure and
manufacturing plant enterprises to connect and collaborate seamlessly in an increasingly
connected society where access to information is vital. Going Digital... We understand and
commit to the tenet that to be competitive we must be ready and able to design, implement and
support complex IT solutions to meet industries’s evolving requirements. We aim to bring a fresh
approach to our customer's Digital i4.0 solutions through innovative local design and engineering
combined with the best technology from leading global vendors.
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